Based in Diamond Bar, California, the Law Office of Ray Wang serves Los Angeles County and the Inland Empire. With 15 years of experience, our firm is dedicated to helping area workers through their most difficult situations on the job.

Our commitment to your needs is marked by the personal care and collaborative experience you deserve in navigating the path toward recovery. We are willing to travel and meet with you so we can provide the most responsive and immediate care you need after an injury.

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Injuries happen in a variety of circumstances, which is why we practice in a broad range of areas, including:

  • Personal injury
  • Workers' compensation
  • Employment law

Diversity Of People Means Diversity In Practice

We truly understand the diversity of people and their needs after an accident. In addition to our diverse practice areas, we also speak Spanish, Korean and Mandarin to serve you in a way that is comfortable for you and your family. If we don't think our firm is the best fit for your needs, we are happy to provide a referral to another attorney.

Free Consultations Are Available Now

Discuss your needs with a lawyer at the Law Office of Ray Wang now by scheduling a free consultation. We can meet on your schedule in a place that is convenient for you. Call 888-284-3390 or send an email to take advantage of this offer today.

Your life and your work are important. Don't let an injury that isn't your fault take away the sense of well-being you and your family once had. Contact us today to put your rights to work for you after an accident.

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